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Education and Access for Women in Federal Contracts
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Give Me 5 Federal Contracting Training Webinars

Give Me 5’s ongoing webinars and regional events bring you the most up-to-date and relevant information on the federal procurement marketplace. Registration for all courses is open to the general public at no charge.

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Give Me 5: Where Human Resources and Government Contracts Intersect

Guest Speaker: Barbara KinoskyPresident and Managing Partner, Centre Law & Consulting.

Special Guest:Marina Blickley, Associate, Centre Law & Consulting

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

Federal contractors are subject to a unique set of rules, laws and regulations. Many of these laws and regulations also apply to subcontractors. This session covers the more complicated areas where HR and government contracts intersect. Topics include:

  • OFCCP – latest news on increased HR compliance requirements
  • Executive Order actions and recent regulatory changes
  • Common challenges to complying with the Service Contract Labor Standards/Service Contract Act
  • Tips for handling whistleblower and relator complaints
  • Handling mandatory disclosures
  • Changes to implement now
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Give Me 5: Deep Dive into FPDS (Plus, a Look at the 3 Newest Federal Intelligence Tools

Guest Speaker: Judy Bradt, CEO, Summit Insight

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

Have you’ve ever wondered how to better use the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) as a sales tool? Now is the time to register and find out what successful federal contractors already know: Success starts with better competitive analysis! This webinar will dive deep into the FPDS system as well as providing you with the 3 newest federal competitive intelligence tools. Bring your questions and get live answers on the best federal sales tools available to you for FREE!

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Give Me 5: I Have No Time and Now You Want Me To Do This Too? Responding to Sources Sought Part 1

Guest Speaker: Gloria Larkin, TargetGov

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

You are taught that if you want to win more contracts, you need to respond to Sources Sought – but why? Is the contracting officer really doing market research, or is it just window dressing? This webinar will help you to determine who the real players are and what authority they have. This will also address the differences between RFIs and Sources Sought notices, what happens with the responses, and the time tables. This information will help you to quickly decide if responding is worth your time.

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Give Me 5: What's In It For Me? Responding to Sources Sought Part 2

Guest Speaker: Gloria Larkin, TargetGov

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

What are realistic expectations for responding to Sources Sought? What results are you after? In order to turn Sources Sought into revenue you must: • Learn the ‘magic phrases’ that lift results • Know who should always be copied on the response • Understand who your secret weapon is • Determine the reason for responding: Set-aside? Sole Source? • Define your next steps Register today for a continued exploration of understanding Sources Sought.

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Give Me 5: Lean the Ins and Outs of Terminations

Guest Speaker: Maria Panichelli, Associate, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

Government agencies have the ability to terminate their contracts for convenience (“T for C”), or for default (“T for D”). While a T for C does not imply that there was any fault on the part of the contractor, T for D means the government believes that the contractor failed to perform in accordance with the provisions of the contract. This distinction has other important implications as well. If terminated for convenience, a contractor can seek payment for the work done, and for any preparations made for the terminated portion of the contract. In contrast, if defaulted, it is possible that a contractor will actually owe the government money in connection with reprocurement. Getting terminated for default can also negatively impact a contractor’s ability to get future contracts. This webinar will cover the ins and outs of terminations. Learn all about T for Cs, the response process and seeking compensation. Learn also about T for Ds, how to challenge them, how to convert them to T for Cs, and how to deal with reprocurement claims. Sign up today!

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Give Me 5: How to Create WOSB Set-Asides to Grow Your Business

Guest Speaker: Gloria Larkin, TargetGov

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

WOSB Set-Asides in general are not going to simply fall into your lap – informed business women take the Development of set-asides into their own hands! This webinar will provide you with information on the research you can do, how to identify the layers of decision-maker, learn how to get competition to help you, and leveraging the Rule of Two in your favor. Gloria lays out the 3 steps needed to plan, position and pursue set asides whil also addressing options for sole source.

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Give Me 5: The Hottest Topic in Federal Government Contracting - Teaming!

Guest Speaker: Maria Panichelli Associate, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhaw & Furman PC.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

Associate, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman

There is no hotter topic in Federal Government Contracting than teaming. However, though teaming is a concept often discussed, it is just as often misunderstood. When done correctly teaming can greatly expand your federal contracting opportunities. When done incorrectly, however, teaming can have disastrous consequences. Before you enter into your next teaming agreement, make sure that you understand the proper procedures for forming an enforceable teaming agreement, important clauses you should include in your agreement, as well as common pitfalls you should avoid. In this webinar, we will explore these topics and consider the practical implications of negotiating terms of a teaming agreement from the both the prime and subcontractor perspectives. Recent developments in this area of law will also be covered.

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Give Me 5: Unraveling Important Aspects of Bonding & Liens

Guest Speaker: Maria Panichelli Associate, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhaw & Furman PC.

Special Guest: Ellen Neylan, Founder, Surety Bonds Associates

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

As a federal contractor in many industries, it is imperative that you obtain proper bonding – but this is a highly complicated subject that could end up costing you an incredible amount of money if you don’t fully understand the nuances and ramifications. This webinar unravels the most important aspects of bonding and liens, including the latest updates on regulations, providing you with important guidelines for success.

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